About Us was founded by a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who saw a common destination in the financial aspect of crypto based loans. The founders of come from backgrounds ranging from wall street data analysts and fund managers who have vast experience in the financial markets and pioneers in the crypto industry since the times of silkroad when Bitcoin was at its infant stage.
Together, they have developed a groundbreaking formula that utilizes the combination of Cryptocurrency trading and Crypto asset backed loans to generate a substantial and stable income.

Our Services

We are proud to introduce a unique service that have been developed by professionals through research and testing that enables clients to enjoy dividends while waiting for their cryptocurrency to increase in value.
There are generally two main streams of income generations for our clients; cryptocurrency trading and crypto backed loans.

Why Us?

How does someone who buys crypto know when to buy?
How long should you hold on for after buying?
At what price should you sell your crypto?
How many percent is enough?
Honestly, no one knows the answer to these questions but what we can try to do is to earn some interest while holding on to our cryptocurrencies or at the very least leverage on a safe and secure platform to hedge against the uncertainties of the crypto market.
24/7 Profit Generation
NO lockdown of your capital
Interest paid Daily
Earn up to 255.5% APY

How to get started?

Putting your cryptocurrency to good use have never been easier. Bitboost now accepts major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BNB.

Step 1

Register your account

Step 2

Fund in the crypto of your choice

Step 3

Withdraw profits
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